Book Club Basics

Book clubs can be difficult to get rolling but once you have a set group of people and the general idea nailed down they can be really great get togethers with friends. I started up a book club in October, 2014 using tips and tricks I found in Pinterest. As long as you have good food, lots of wine and not too many rules, they can almost always be successful! See below for my book club basics:

1. Choose a book with less than 400 words that you know people will enjoy.

2. Use Evite and give everyone at least a month to read the book.

3. Do not schedule your book club on a weekend, Wednesdays and Thursdays work best.

4. Invite many friends from many different groups. Not everyone will show up. Let guests invite others.

5. Ask guests to bring wine or snacks, but don’t require it.

6. Reassure everyone that they do not have to read the entire book.

7. If you live in a city, stick to one meeting place only.

8. Light candles, play music, have plenty of food and drink!

9. Ask for suggestions for future books at the first book club, and send a pole out afterwards.

10. Be consistent with time, place and frequency of meetings.

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