Good Mood Food: Leavenworth

We spent the weekend at the cabin again and Sunday morning decided to take a drive to Leavenworth to grab a healthy and delicious breakfast at Good Mood Food! Their food is organic, inventive and satisfying… not to mention the fact that they play music that makes you want to get up and dance (Michael Jackson). The atmosphere is really unique, a combination of artsy, eclectic, ski-bum and family friendly. Local artists are displayed on their walls and there is plenty of seating inside and out. I ordered the everything juice, which had a bunch of veggies and fruits and immediately makes me feel 100% healthier. Shawn got a home-aid iced chai, and we ordered the just-out-of-the-oven keish and lamb gyro. If you are looking for a hidden treasure in Leavenworth to grab a great meal, or a place to read, write, get your creative juices flowing, Good Mood Food is the place for you. We will definitely make this a go-to stop whenever we visit the city.




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