5 Love Languages


If you’ve heard of the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, then you can probably list off a few of them by memory. I first came across these 5 ways of showing and receiving love from a friend who was in school to become a therapist. It is a simple theory: a person will prefer at least one of these acts of love, and use this when showing love to others. You can understand so much more about the people in your life (not just romantic) by knowing what these 5 languages of love are. The book itself goes quite in depth on specific cases to better understand these love languages, but I’ve created a summary for you below. After reading, maybe you will be able to choose which acts of love you prefer, and which your loved ones prefer (think about times when they’ve used a language of love on you).

1. Words of Affirmation: verbal validation

Examples: “I love you.” “Good morning, beautiful.” “You are special to me.”

2. Quality Time: planning and setting time aside to spend together

Examples: a phone call, making a date, watching Netflix together

3. Giving Gifts: special momentos

Examples: thoughtful gifts, big or small

4. Physical Touch: warm embraces

Examples: holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc.

5. Acts of Service: chores or tasks

Examples: filling up gas in car, cooking a meal, organizing junk drawer…


Use these love languages on someone you love today. Try something new!


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