Currently Reading: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen


Summer is a time when my reading lists see more and more romance, magic, mystery and secret family history. Sarah Addison Allen’s Garden Spells covers all of those and more, with the story of the Waverley sisters, Sydney and Claire, in Bascomb, North Carolina. The Waverley’s are known in the small town for their magical skills; Claire having an affect on people’s emotions with her enchanting herbs and flowers, and Sydney who can tell so much about complete strangers by their looks. Sydney is the rebel of the family, coming back to the small town and their Queen Anne home after ten years of no contact, bringing with her her young daughter, Bay, as well as many dark secrets from her past. Both women happen to be gorgeous and single, so romance begins to spark very early on. This is very reminiscent of Practical Magic, but has many unique qualities of its own. I get lost in this book (I’ve read it twice now) and there is a second book in the series that dives even deeper into the small town and it’s inhabitants; First Frost. A summer must-read for sure!


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