Currently Reading: The Girls by Emma Cline



Lately I’ve been seeing a constant stream of articles on this book, The Girls, written by Emma Cline and recently published by Random House. Supposedly Cline received over 2 million dollars for this book deal, and it is the first book she’s published (every writer’s dream!). A past Columbia professor of hers stated that Cline’s stories tended to focus on “that moment in a young woman’s life when she is wrestling with an emerging sexuality that’s scary and slightly dangerous, but also empowering.” This is definitely true for The Girls, which is based on Charles Manson’s cult following in the late 1960’s.

The main character, Evie Boyd, is fourteen when her parents divorce and her world starts to crumble. Her mother brings strange men home constantly who are only after Evie’s mother’s inheritance, and her father disappears from her life after leaving her mother for a much younger woman. Her best friend disowns her after she falls for her brother, who then moves to Oregon with an old girlfriend. Evie then meets a group of slightly older, beautiful and powerful girls who have a huge influence on her. I’ve read about 30% so far, and can’t put it down! Cline is a skilled author, and her description of the struggles of a fourteen year-old girl bring back so many memories for me. I have never been interested in Charles Manson, but it is fascinating to hear how these lost adolescent girls find themselves doing things they would have never dreamed of.

I will add a final review here when I’m finished, which probably won’t be long from now! If you are looking for a hot read, definitely scoop this one up. I’ve heard rumors of a movie deal as well. Congratulations, Emma Cline!



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