Stop. Rest. Be.

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I’m afraid I’m going to blink and all of the sudden it will be Fall! Summertime is my busiest time of year, with every weekend being booked and weekday plans popping up everywhere. I look forward to having a busy social calendar but sometimes you need to take a day, with no plans or obligations, and just enjoy being with yourself. Say no, cancel something you maybe weren’t looking forward to, clear your day and just be. Preferably on a weekend but if it’s afterwork that works too!

Last night after work I came home, did laundry, went to yoga, grocery shopped, and when I finally got home I was exhausted. Tonight I have no plans, and I am going to either 1. go on a long walk 2. make myself a delicious dinner or 3. pick up something at Whole Foods and read a good book. I am not going to be on my phone, I’m not going to run errands or clean, and I am not going to make plans! Take time to be present, meditate, journal, nap, or do whatever it is you need to decompress. Your body and mind will thank you the next day.


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