The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews



I have to admit, I was attracted to this book’s title and cover before I was attracted to the storyline. My genre tends to switch from historical fiction and autobiographies in the winter months to fictional romance and mysteries in the summer… maybe because I read much more and want books I can fly through, and maybe because who doesn’t like a steamy romance / easy read while laying outside in the sun with a cold drink, am I right?!

Anyways, this book is set on a quiet island off of the coast of North Carolina called Belle Isle, accessible by ferry only. It begins on Memorial Day weekend with the murder of Riley Grigg’s husband, a man more focussed on business and money than family. Riley and her husband were about to announce their separation to their daughter, but poor Wendell is killed too soon. Very slowly Riley begins to realize her husband wasn’t who she though he was, and that he didn’t leave the family behind with anything more than fraud and debt. Also, Riley meets a man from her past who just happens to have recently moved back to the island after selling his online housing company for big bucks (wink wink).

This book is unfortunately very predictable, but has some good points throughout with humor and drama. Definitely a quick and easy read, perfect for the summer months! I am looking forward to moving on to something with a bit more substance, but would recommend this to friends who want a book with romance, mystery, and a summertime setting.


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