Rent the Runway Success!

This past weekend we had a wedding in Portland, where the weather happened to reach a whopping 103 degrees! Someone had mentioned to me a dress rental site called Rent the Runway, and I decided to try it out for this wedding. My issues with buying a dress for a wedding include the fact that 1. it’s expensive, 2. I probably won’t wear the dress for another year, and 3. someone will be wearing the same dress. So I rented two dresses for the occasion, one black and sexy, and other long and flowy. We had a rehearsal dinner the night before, so I thought maybe I would end up wearing both, but it would be nice to have two choices for the day of the wedding if not. 

Rental #1:

rental price: $75    regular price: $395 Halston Heritage

*please excuse my messy bathroom!


Rental #2:

rental price: $32.50    regular price: $284 Yumi Kim


I ended up not wearing the black dress because the weather was so hot that day. Both were beautiful, and the long Yumi Kim dress was so comfortable and even had pockets. I wore another dress I had purchased at H&M for the rehearsal dinner, so ended up not wearing the black Halston Heritage dress at all and wishing I had. I will definitely be using Rent the Runway again, I loved it! Just make sure you get it in a UPS dropbox the day it’s due back.

Thank you RtR!



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