The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

First book from my summer reading list / June reads and… done! So many more to read but this was a great one to start with for many reasons. One, I am seeing this book everywhere! They say to never judge a book by its cover but I love this cover design, each time I saw it on Pinterest or a blog or in stores it stood out to me. Two, this book has had so many great reviews and was just published in March of 2016. And three, the plot is so interesting; four siblings have waited years for an inheritance, the “nest”, and shaped their lives around the fact that their bank accounts will have huge deposits when the youngest turns forty, only to find months before that the inheritance has disappeared! So if you are looking for a page turner with lots of family drama and an unpredictable but satisfying ending, this is the book for you.



One thought

  1. Nice review! wonderful blog by the way, I’m sure looking forward to following as it seems we have plenty in common when it comes to books. If you feel like, check out my page and then maybe we can chat books!


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