Bedtime Routines

Has your best sleep been in a cold, comfy bed, on a quiet night, after a long day of moving your body, good food and low stress? In comparison, I always find that trying to sleep when you have the distraction of t.v’s, cell phones, traffic blaring and music playing will inevitably create a terrible sleep. Spending weekends at the cabin has made me realize the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and also some helpful bedtime routines to use every night. My number one tip is that repetition is best; if you use a similar routine night after night, your body will get used to that routine and signal sleep!

  1. turn down the temperature
  2. don’t eat 2 hours before sleeping
  3. turn off all electronic devices
  4. use lavender mist or essential oils on your pillow
  5. keep your bed space clean and clutter free
  6. try some relaxing yoga moves to wind-down (happy baby, child’s pose, back twists)
  7. make the space as dark as possible
  8. use a sound machine when in a city
  9. go to sleep close to the same time every night
  10. think about things you are grateful for, not things you are stressed about
  11. read a good book or talk to someone you love
  12. have pillows in all the right places

Sweet dreams!


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