How to Get Over a Serious Case of the Mondays

Does anyone else have a case of the Mondays? I find that if I’ve had a particularly awesome weekend, and Monday morning work is slammed and the weather is its normally drizzly self, my Monday’s blues come in full force. The day is half over for me and I am sitting here, eating a fantastic lunch (see #7 below), and thinking about how badly I want the weekend to be here again! If you also find yourself having a case of the Mondays, read below for some helpful tips.

  1. Call in sick (okay, this is unrealistic but can be used for emergencies Mondays only!)
  2. Make a really great breakfast (think overnight oats with peanut butter, a smoothie bowl or egg scramble).
  3. Have a soothing bath in the morning with lots of bubbles and listen to your favorite podcast.
  4. Choose an outfit that will make you feel great all day long.
  5. Stop and get your favorite coffee on the way to work.
  6. Ask your coworkers about their weekends and press for details. They day will start better when you have an authentic conversation right away.
  7. Bring incredible leftovers or take yourself out to lunch
  8. Make plans for after work so you have something to look forward to. Whether it’s hanging out at home with take-out or Netflix, taking a yoga class or meeting friends for HH.
  9. Make weekend plans. It’s never too early!
  10. Know that you only have 4 days left until the weekend :)

Happy Monday Everyone!


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