Self Care

The topic of today’s blog post is self care; something that is such an important thing for women yet not nearly done enough! Why do we struggle to set aside time for ourselves in the midst of social obligations, work, and errands? Could be guilt, could be a fear of just being with ourselves, could be over-scheduling…the list goes on. But I am here to say: just do it! Whether it’s waking up 30 minutes earlier to have a relaxing bath with your morning coffee, setting aside one night to lay in bed at 7pm and read with a lit candle, or going on a long walk during your lunch break. Your day will have a special glow to it, you’ll be in a much better mood and your will feel at peace with yourself. Here are a few of my favorite self care ideas that I try to do at least once daily. 

  1. Paint your nails. Pick out a fun color, soak your hands in warm water and lather up with a great lotion when you’re done.
  2. Start a new book, put your sweats on and read in bed with tea and a lit candle
  3. Go on a long walk, lay in the grass listen to music or a great podcast
  4. Have a bath
  5. Go to a spa (I love the Olympus Women’s Spa in Lynnwood!)
  6. Take a yoga class
  7. Call a good friend
  8. Give yourself a facial
  9. Take a nap
  10. Make a delicious meal just for you!

Here are 5 reasons why this self care is sacred.





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