Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Get a box of tissues because this is a tear-jerker for sure! I was not able to put this book down it was such a great mix of funny, quirky and endearing. Bonus: the book has been turned into a movie and is coming out in theaters this summer (see link below).

Louisa Clark, a young English woman living with her parents, has just lost her job and is willing to take anything so she can help support the family. She finds herself working as a home care-giver to Will Traynor, a quadriplegic man whose past life was spent seeking adventures, successfully buying and selling companies, and dating many, many exotic women. Louisa, know for wearing bumblebee tights, jewel toned dresses and eccentric shoes from a local thrift shop, begins to slowly change Will’s life for the better. In return, Louisa listens to Wills memories of travel, education and independence and realizes she is living in a tiny english bubble. I can’t give too many more details, but trust me the ending will have you wanting t read it all over again, or at least diving into the next book, After You. That is next on my list to read!



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