May has Arrived!

May is upon us and I am loving how quickly the spring is turning into summer! Weekends are filled with gardening, hiking, dining outdoors with fresh produce and reading in the shade. There are so many things I am looking forward to this month… see below for my lists:

1.Raw Eating – I’ve been listening to a podcast called Wellness Wonderland and it has inspired me to eat more raw foods and cut out sugars and processed foods.  Looking forward to trying new recipes including baked baby carrots, raw radishes, and scrambled eggs with avocado and salsa.

2. Gardening – Our cabin makeover is in full blown mode right now and I’ve been pinning plant posts like crazy trying to plan out the outdoor space. Next weekend will be a small herb garden (rosemary, mint, chives, basil) and a few more hydrangeas.


3. Reading – My book plate is empty right now so I am hoping to find a few new good reads by authors that I’ve never heard of before. Suggestions are welcome!

4. Mothers Day – next weekend is Mothers Day and we are going to be doing a boat picnic.

5. Lilacs – lilacs are in full bloom everywhere I go! I’ve taken a few snaps and am always on the lookout for them


6. Morning Runs – now that the weather is nice I am full of energy in the mornings and pumped up for morning runs!

7. Dress Shopping – I’ve got a wedding in Portland early June and have been on the lookout for a maxi-dress.

8. Al-Fresco Dining – I would eat outside for every meal if I could choose to. Meals move much more slowly and food just tastes better outside!

9. Cabin Decorating – We’ve got the living room to do still and I’ve found the best antique store in Cashmere called Annie’s Antiques.


10. Blogging – I am in deep now and finding myself things of future blog posts everywhere I go. Thank you for all of the support, it’s been fun growing and sharing with all of you!

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