Dreams of a Morning Routine

Whenever the warmer weather hits in the spring and the sun begins to shine brightly into my windows as I snooze through my alarm, I always get the urge to start up a healthy and overly ambitious morning routine. There are a few reasons for this, one being I love to run but only when the Seattle rain is nowhere to be found. Two being my social calendar fills up after work and I like to get laundry, errands and cleaning tasks out of the way earlier. And three that I just plain feel excited every morning to wake up! My hibernation mode disappears and my energy levels spike. 

I’ve been reading blogs lately about morning routines and they have inspired me to write a dream morning routine; something I can aspire to but not necessarily hit every morning! My typical routine is to sleep in the latest I can (7:20-ish), shower, get dressed, add very little makeup and rush out the door with wet hair and my giant tote and laptop, getting to work at 8. Sometimes I have enough time to blend up a smoothie to go, but I have tea and oatmeal at my desk if that doesn’t work out. I end up feeling rushed and not entirely prepared to look at emails :/ So here it is… my dream morning routine:

Wake up at 6am

Do NOT read emails or look at social media.

Stretch, meditate, breathe deeply

Go on a run or take an early-morning yoga class

Shower, listen to a positive podcast, take the time to choose an outfit

Dry my hair, add a decent amount of makeup

Pick up around the house or write a blog post

Make a smoothie or toast with avocado and green tea

Head to work around 7:45 (I live abnormally close to my work!)

Begin work at 8


***Wish me luck!

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