Current Favorite Podcasts

Recently I’ve joined the bandwagon on podcasts… they are SO wonderful for long drives in the car or something to listen to on a seaside walk when you’re not into music at the moment. I also love listening to podcasts in the morning when I’m getting ready for work. I’ve only heard a few so far but if you haven’t fallen into the podcast trend quite yet this is a great post for you to read! 

Does this symbol look familiar to you? It should if you have an iphone! This purple little app is where you can find all of the podcasts already available to you.


When you click on it, you can go to “top charts” and find the most popular podcasts. This is where I’ve discovered the ones listed below. If you find one you really like, you can subscribe to it, and every time they add a new podcast it will show up under “unplayed”. Next time you are in the car or cleaning the house and want something fascinating to listen to, try it out!

Here are my favorites so far:

What Should I Read Next – Bookworms unite to discuss favorite and least favorite reads.

Happier – Happiness Project author Gretchin Rubin, my favorite podcast!

Rick Steves Travel – Takes you wine tasting in Tuscany and dancing in Barcelona.

Wellness Wonderland – Health, mindfullness, nutrition, happy life :)

Marriage is Funny – An adorable couple talks marriage with lots of laughs

StartUp  – Second season is all about a new dating site.

Serial – Serious but super detailed and conversation sparking.

Ted Talks  – Like taking a college class all over again, but a good one!

Enjoy :)

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