Finding CorePower Yoga


It’s been over a year now since I’ve joined CorePower Yoga in Ballard, and I am so grateful for the discovery! Not only have I seen major changes in my strength and flexibility, but my confidence, emotional stability and overall sense of calm is with me throughout each day. I find myself craving the noon class while at work, and if I can’t make it I will go to a later class. The minute my body hits the mat I totally de-stress, and the CorePower community is extremely warm and encouraging. Here are things I love about the classes:

  1. Huge variety and class count every day
  2. Warm temperatures but not too warm
  3. Different poses and music in each class
  4. Clean space
  5. Not overcrowded
  6. Mid-class ab workout
  7. Opportunities for growth in balancing poses
  8. Alway quiet before and after class
  9. Many adjustments made by teachers
  10. Overall warm and welcoming atmosphere

If you have a Corepower Yoga studio near you, definitely check it out! The first week is free. I am planning on taking the teacher training course this upcoming winter.

*Photos taken from CorePower website



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