Mountain Springs Lodge

We recently purchased a cabin outside of Leavenworth, Washington on the Wenatchee River. I have been pinning like crazy cabin decor ideas and plotting out the yard area to decide where everything should go. Last weekend was spent just getting to know the area, and it was so relaxing! We grilled burgers the first night, drank cold white wine on the porch and made a great big fire inside. The next day we discovered a new hike on Hidden Lake, met a few neighbors and locals, and laid in the shade reading magazines and snoozing. On the last night, we called a nearby lodge to see if they were open for dinner. They were, and asked in advance what we would be ordering so they had the kitchen stocked. I ordered quail and Shawn ordered halibut. We arrived around 6pm to find the restaurant empty! The chef welcomed us and sat us at a table in front of a huge fireplace. The music was great, we were brought wine and dinner salads, and we began to enjoy having a restaurant all to ourselves! The diner was incredible with fresh, local ingredients, and dessert was a mouse made of marsalla wine, brown sugar, cream cheese and whip cream, with strawberries folded into it. Needless to day we discovered a secret gem and will definitely be back many times when visiting our new little cabin.


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