Hiking in Sedona, Arizona

I had never really heard of Sedona before this year, but it is an incredibly serene place located 2 hours north of Scottsdale. The climate and terrain changes dramatically as you go from desert to mountains. Sedona is situated in between many rich red mountains that turn colors as the sun sets. You could go on 5 hikes a day for a week and still not seen even half of the beautiful landscapes hidden between the hills and valleys. There are also vortexes in Sedona, which are swirling forms of energy not caused by weather. Many people come for healing or spiritual gain. I never experienced a vortex but there are 4 main spots you can go to to find them (see map below). We did drive up to the airport and watch a stunning sunset, walked around a charming hotel called Sky Ranch Lodge, and hiked to the Seven Sacred Pools. Only there for a day but will definitely be back!




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