25 Ways to Be Kind


This is a great reminder to myself of how important it is to be kind to others on a daily basis. I truly believe in karma; the more positivity you put out into the world the more you get back. I stumbled upon this blog post from dailycupofyoga.com and thought the suggestions were easy to incorporate into daily life. You never know what kind of day someone is having and the simplest gesture can really do magic.

25 Ways to Be Kind. 

  1. Smile and make someone’s day a little sweeter
  2. Look for ways you can promote peace
  3. Just listen
  4. Offer a hug or embrace
  5. Invite someone new into your friend tribe
  6. Send out a kind email or card
  7. Give someone a genuine compliment
  8. Help someone out in a practical way, just because
  9. Hold open the door for the person behind you
  10. Encourage a friend or family member when they are uncertain or 
  11. Make peace with someone that has hurt you
  12. Strike up a conversation with a stranger
  13. Let someone into your lane while driving
  14. Pay for the person behind you in line
  15. Give your time to a friend or someone who needs it
  16. Say Thank You and Please everyday without fail
  17. Meditate on lovingkindness: May you be happy, healthy, peaceful and free from suffering and may my actions in some way contribute to the happiness, health, peace and freedom for all
  18. Say “I love you” a little more often to your family and friends
  19. Pause before you speak–choose words with positive intention
  20. Help someone get some rest (watch their kids, run an errand, bring them dinner)
  21. Pick up litter you see thrown about even if it’s not yours
  22. Remove complaints and curses for one week
  23. Gift something meaningful to someone: loan a book, bring flowers, drop off cookies
  24. Make a donation
  25. Give up your seat or for that matter move your yoga mat in class with positive intent



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