Favorite Restaurants in Whistler


After a long day of skiing in the mountains there is nothing quite like having a hot shower, putting on a pair of cute boots and an oversized sweater and chowing down on some good food and drink in Whistler! I spent the past long weekend there with my family and we tried out a tour called the Finer Things Tour. We bar and restaurant hopped around the village trying out scrumptious bites while sipping wine and champagne! These are the restaurants we visited on the tour:

Bearfoot Bistro

Roasted winter vegetable salad: squash flan, alfred fermier cheese, puffed buckwheat, baby kale, pomegranate

Hy’s Steakhouse

Black and blue ahi tuna with soya sauce and wasabi mustard


Spaghetti Quatro with veal

We also tried these restaurants on other days and absolutely loved them:

Sushi Village

Ahi tuna, Sashimi Assorted, Mango Caterpillar Roll

Dublin Gate

Nachos: cheddar and Monterey jack layered into a mountain of corn tortilla chips, green onions and banana peppers. Served with salsa and sour cream, chicken and guacamole.










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