Weekly Favorites – Feb 5

This has been a very slow week for me, possibly because it is the middle of winter and possibly because it has been cold and rainy all week. I have been watching a new Amazon t.v series called Man in the High Castle to make the nights pass, along with reading Louise Penny’s The Brutal Telling. I’ve also been doing a lot of hot yoga… the warm room makes me feel almost as though I am on a tropical vacation (not quite though!). This weekend we are heading to Leavenworth to spend time with friends and ski. Looking forward to some snow and sunshine!

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth, Washington during the annual Leavenworth's Town and Tree Lighting


Joy – Jennifer Lawrence


Amazing movie! So much female empowerment and Jennifer Lawrence is such a badass.

Lara Bars


I eat one of these every morning as my mid-morning snack. Love coconut chocolate chip, lemon, and coffee flavored.

Northface Ski Jacket


Nordstrom has a huge sale on Northface and I finally invested in a warm ski coat! I will be wearing this all weekend.

Downton Abbey Catch-Up

downton abbey

Last weekend Penny and I spent all of Saturday drinking tea and catching up on Downton Abbey. I am so sad this is their final season!

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