Bad Day Tips

We all have bad days from time to time, and many of those days I let little things get to me until they build and build. I try to remember that I can only control my own thoughts and actions, and that negativity breeds negativity, but sometimes you just have to let yourself have a bad day and get on with the next good one! Here are some tips to feeling more relaxed and positive:

  1. Have a nap. Turn off your cell phone, wear ear plugs and an eye mask. Shut off the world for a little bit.
  2. Exercise. Get a good sweat going. Blast music. Exhaust yourself.
  3. Spend some money and book a massage, pedicure or facial.
  4. Watch your favorite movie with a glass of wine in the most comfortable pjs you have.
  5. Start a book everyone says is addicting. Forget about your troubles and dive into another world.
  6. Invite some close girlfriends over, make dinner and talk. You’re not the only one who might be having a bad day.
  7. Light a candle, have a bubble bath. Listen to soothing music. Pamper yourself.
  8. Call your mom and have a good cry.
  9. Do something kind for someone else. Read a book to a child, walk a dog, offer to help someone.
  10. Book a trip. Always have something to look forward to!

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