Girls’ Trip to Sonoma

My girlfriends and I are all turning 30 in 2015, and we planned a trip to Sonoma to celebrate! None of us had visited Sonoma before, and we were recommended it by several people who had been to both Napa and Sonoma. We ended up renting a vrbo (vacation rental by owner) and spent four days laying by the pool, visiting local vineyards and wineries, making huge dinners together and staying up late talking. It was absolute heaven!

Here are a few tips for visiting Sonoma:

1. Fly into the San Francisco Airport and rent a car. The drive is an hour or more depending on traffic.

2. Rent a vrbo. We chose this one.

3. Map out which wineries you want to visit beforehand (thanks, Jill!). We went to four in one day, and one included cheese tasting! A typical wine tasting includes 5 wines for $10 – $15 dollars.

4. Visit the town square. It is filled with beautiful garden restaurants, quaint shops and a park to walk through. I highly recommend getting reservations at The Girl and The Fig.

5. Spend a day in San Francisco either before or after your trip!

These are the wineries we visited:

1. Kenwood Vineyards

2. Imagery Winery

3. Arrowood Winery

4. St Francis Winery and Vineyards


Golden Gate Bridge


Kenwood Winery


St Francis Winery


Cheese Tasting at Arrowood


VRBO Backyard Pool


The Girl and The Fig


Happy 30th Ladies!


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