Favorite Blogs 2015

I was inspired to start a blog from… reading other blogs! I’m not quite sure when that began but over the years my bookmarks began filling up with cooking, fashion and travel blogs. Each morning I look forward to reading new posts and I have a routine when I wake up of which ones I read first. Some mornings 20 minutes go by without my knowing and I have to jump in the shower and rush to get ready for work because the blogs were just so captivating!  I feel like I have a personal connection with the people whose blogs I read, and I just can’t imagine going a week without reading what they’ve been up to (which happens sometimes when on vacation). Here is a list of blogs I follow every day and absolutely love:

1. Cupcakes & Cashmere – This is the first blog I read every morning. Emily Shuman writes about style, diy, food, beauty and decor. She usually posts twice a day and I swear I am always pinning her posts. She will be launching a clothing line with Nordstrom and Shopbop on July 6!

Favorite Post: Beautiful Dress

2. Peanut Butter Fingers – This is the first blog I started following a few years ago, and I feel like Julie Fagan has become a good friend. PB Fingers is almost like a journal of sorts, going through Julie’s workout routines and meals, as well as fun events in her life.

Favorite Post: Wedding Recap

3. Cara Loren – I LOVE Cara’s style. I am not a huge fan of revealing clothing or high heels, so Cara’s modern, bohemian and comfortable looks really suit me. Also, her hair is gorgeous and her tutorials are very helpful.

Favorite Post: Dream Closet

4. Love Taza – Naomi has the best photos of her and her adorable family living in NYC. Her kids are such cuties and her blog has great recommendations for family-friendly activities.

Favorite Post: Trip to Hawaii

5. Joy the Baker – YUM. Each time I go to Joy’s blog I have a sudden urge to bake. Love her photos and witty remarks.

Favorite Post: Best Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

6. It’s My Darlin – If you want to see typical Seattle street style, Dana London’s blog is great to read. She is usually featured in the Seattle Times as well.

Favorite Post: SIFF 2015 Opening Night

7. A Fabulous Fete – Lauren’s calligraphy is gorgeous and cocktail recipes are to die for.

Favorite Post: Watermelon Champagne Cocktail

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