Summer Campsites in Washington State

I wouldn’t call myself a rugged, outdoorsy type but I can certainly appreciate a good weekend camping trip in the beautiful northwest. There’s something about setting up a tent, building your own fire, making a (somewhat) delicious meal and looking up at the stars that confirms the start of the summer season and makes you feel all cozy and relaxed. S’mores are included in that of course. I typically go camping 2-3 times a summer, depending on who I can pull way for a weekend! I met with some girlfriends last night and we decided on a date this August to have a girl’s camping getaway… I can’t wait! Washingtonians can get a little campsite crazy; booking sites almost a year in advance. My favorite spots are first come first serve, and there are plenty of those around. Here is a link for making reservations if you’d rather plan in advance.

A few of my favorite spots:

1. White River Campground – this is located at the base of Mount Rainier, close to Crystal Mountain. The camp sites overlook a river, there is a nearby trail with stunning views of Mount Rainer and a crystal blue lake, and they have a community campfire at night where the forest rangers tell stories of UFO and Sasquatch sitings. Lot’s of fun!

2. Crescent Lake – This Olympic Peninsula lake is a great one to do especially if you have a boat or kayak to venture out on. The lake is surrounded by tree covered hills and mountains so you feel as if you’ve stumbled upon a secret area. Plenty of trails for hiking and parks for picnicking. This is one you need to reserve in advance.

3. Cape Disappointment – The name is quite ominous, but the camping is fantastic! This is the only spot on Washington where I can camped on / near the Pacific Ocean. I stayed here mid-September so the site wasn’t very busy. There are miles and miles of beach to walk along and quaint little family-run restaurants if you want a big breakfast one morning.

4. Olympic National Park – Okay, I have to admit I hiked through the park with a past boyfriend who knew what he was doing (compass and all) and found a deserted spot in the forest where we pitched our tent. I do not know where we were but the next morning the hiking and views were spectacular! There are many campsites to be found in the park, just be sure you have a pass.

A few places I would like to try:

5. Spencer Spit on Lopez Island

6. Kalaloch Lodge Campground

7. Deception Pass

To get you pumped for camping here is a link to find out how to make toasted marshmallow shot glasses with baileys.

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass [VIDEO]

Happy Camping!

Remember to pack a tent, or you will need to get a rope and a large sheet of plastic ;)

1929319_506631634158_2933_n Summer Camping

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