Morning Seaside Walk with Isabel Allende

Happy Monday to you all! I had the most refreshing weekend and am bursting with positivity and energy for the week. Saturday morning I decided to pull myself out of bed, grab and green smoothie and take myself on a long seaside walk while listening to a few TED talks. The birds were chirping, Seattleites were jogging and biking, and the ocean smelled enticingly salty. Walking in the morning is such a great way to start the day off right. The most inspiring TED talk I listened to was by one of my favorite authors, Isabel Allende. I first read her books in High school beginning with Daughter of Fortune, and have read several others over the years. They all focus on strong female characters overcoming life’s obstacles that so many women face around the world. Isabel has declared herself a feminist and boldly stated in the talk that she doesn’t need to imagine these fictional characters she writes about; she meets them everyday in real life. You can watch the video, Tales of Passion, below:

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