Advice for the First Homemade Meal Date Night

I love cooking for hungry eaters. There is something so satisfying when you hear their stomach growl at the smells, watch as they take their first bite and finally have them ask for seconds when their plate is scraped empty. I think when a man sees you can cook, and trust me there is nothing sexier than having a man make you a meal, it can be a very fulfilling moment in the beginning of a relationship. I have dated a lot, and therefore have made many meals for men. This also happens to be an opportune time to learn a little bit more about your man. If a guy knows you are cooking and doesn’t bring flowers or wine; it’s not a good sign. If a guy eats half of what is on the plate; it’s not a good sign. If a guy doesn’t give you a genuine compliment for the food or seem in awe of you after the dinner; it’s not a good sign. However, if the meal goes smoothly and you crack open another bottle of wine and take a walk in the cool summer air or build a fire if it’s wintertime, it can definitely be a night you’ll remember. Here are some tips for planning the dinner:

1. Find out about allergies. I almost served lobster to a man with a shellfish allergy. Avoid doing that at all costs.

2. Is he doing the paleo diet? Don’t serve mashed potatoes. Is he a vegetarian? (I would never date a vegetarian, but if you are okay with that…) Don’t serve lamb. Is he lactose intolerant? Don’t serve fettuccine alfredo. Hopefully you know a little about his diet by now, but if not then don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Does he like sweets? Dessert can be a fun treat to end the meal with, but I have found many men prefer to go without dessert for some strange reason. If he has mentioned his favorite dessert (apple pie, brownies and carrot cake tend to be popular), give it a stab!

4. Avoid making heavy meals. No one wants to get romantic when they are in a food coma. And no beans or cabbage under any circumstances. Same goes for messy foods (lettuce wraps, bun-less burgers, corn – gets stuck in your teeth, etc.)

5. Set the scene. Make sure your place is clean, you’ll feel more confident. Don’t overdo it with candles, stiletto heels, Barry White and a professional up-do. Keep it casual, comfortable and easy.

6. Keep lots of wine handy and use a timer!

Meals I have made for men that were home runs:

1. Spaghetti and meatballs

2. Steak, spinach salad and mashed potatoes

3. Salmon, wild rice and asparagus

4. Scallops, risotto and roasted carrots

5. Rosemary chicken, squash and cous cous

6. Tortilla soup

7. Lasagna

Desserts to finish the night off right:

1. Brownies and ice cream

2. Sorbet and berries

3. Gourmet chocolate bar

4. Frozen chocolate cookies

Finally, if he doesn’t appreciate all of the work, time and energy you put into this, than he doesn’t deserve you! Here are some shots of meals I’ve made recently that would also work:

Ahi Tuna Salad


Pomegranate Tangerine Spinach Salad


Garlic Steak


Barbecue Ribs

(yes those are containers with food from the store!)

Date Night

P.S I get all of my recipes on Pinterest. You can follow me by going to the side menu!

Good Luck! If you have funny stories of first meals you’ve cooked I’d love to hear them in the comments section.

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