Yoga in the Park

One of my favorite places to do yoga is outdoors. There is nothing better than sticking your feet in the grass and feeling connected with the earth. I recently went on a walk along the oceanfront with a good friend and she was able to capture some poses. We had a few funny looks along the way; I love people’s reactions when you spring into a yoga pose sometimes! The Olympic Sculpture Park actually has free outdoor yoga classes in the summer every Saturday from 10:30 – 11:30. I am looking forward to taking a few of those classes and starting the weekend off right with a long sea-side walk and an outdoor yoga session, followed by a delicious green smoothie at Whole Foods. They also have a fun program called the SAM (Seattle Art Museum) Remix, which is full of live music, outdoor art activities, drinks, dancing and food trucks. The remix is August 21 this year at 8pm.



Side Crow




Upward Dog




Warrior Two


Dancer’s Pose

Dancer's Pose

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