Saturday Strawberry Picking

Remlinger Farms has been my go-to place for strawberry picking these past few summers. When you arrive you see rows and rows of bright green with flashes of red hidden throughout. The strawberries are absolutely packed with flavor, and it only takes about 30 minutes before you have a giant crate full of the delicious little morsels. I usually eat them plain or throw them into strawberry smoothies, but strawberry tarts are also a tasty treat. 

Traditionally I go with two young girls I once taught preschool to and have stayed in close touch with. Our day usually starts out pretty early, lathering on sun tan lotion and packing lunches and plenty of water. Then we drive to Carnation, WA and start picking early before it gets too hot. The strawberries cost $1.50 / pound, so I end up spending around $15 for 10 pounds! Afterwards, we drive to the river and have a picnic while cooling off on the cold water. It is the perfect summer day.




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