Summer Style

I usually keep all of my summer clothes and swimsuits in storage during the winter because my closet isn’t large enough to fit all 4 seasons throughout the year (someday!). Before I went to Arizona in April I was able to pull everything out and had completely forgotten some of the things I own. It almost feels like Christmas morning going through everything and getting so excited to wear those dresses and sandals I had forgotten during colder months. I usually opt for  maxi-dresses, Flowing tanks with short shorts and capris with open-back blouses. Large sunglasses are a must, and brightly colored swimsuits with big floppy hats. Last summer I wore Birkenstocks for the first time during a trip to Europe and I am proud to say they are a staple that will stick for years to come! See below for some new items on my wish list, a mix from Lulus, Anthropologie, Lulu Lemon and Asos:

1289418_200074 35473685_079_b 35490135_014_b 35733484_030_b 4123057270089_001_b image1xxl image3xxl LW7C98S_019741_1 V421656

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