Cabo San Lucas

I just got back from my very first trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The week was filled with beach time, margaritas, ceviche, tequila shots, romance xoxo, and meeting new friends. I had only been to Puerto Vallarta before and was pleasantly surprised to find the ocean in Cabo was crystal clean and the beaches soft and white. Each morning I woke to walk along the sand, until I got so hot I jumped into the ocean and swam. Then we got a big plate of fruit and coffee and spent the day lounging at the pool. There was one snorkel trip planned that was fun but ended in a serious case of sea-sickness! The trip was a blast and I would definitely love to return one day :) Here are some places we visited that I would recommend:

Hotel: Bahia Hotel and Beach Club (Groupon)

Food: The Office, NickSan, Bar Esquina, Sharkies

Activities: Snorkel trip with Cabo Escape

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