Tea or Coffee?

I have always been a big tea drinker. Growing up in Canada my Nana and aunts would always have tea in the afternoon with biscotti or crackers and fruit, so it is a tradition and comfort drink for me. When I went to college, I started working in our school’s cafe and began to grow an appreciation for coffee; both espresso and drip. The smell of coffee is what really gets to me though. The nutty, caramel scent that fills the room when you make a pot is heaven. I usually went for a vanilla latte or chai, or drip coffee with real cream and raw sugar. But a few years ago I gave up drinking coffee daily. It was summer and I had bronchitis, and decided to drink tea in the mornings instead. I felt the effects immediately: I was more hydrated, my skin cleared up, I didn’t get a sugar crash mid-morning and my metabolism seemed to quicken. Plus I could drink as many cups as I wanted and I felt as thought I didn’t get as hungry before it was lunch. Since that summer I have been drinking green tea or black tea with a splash of almond milk in the mornings. Mid-morning I switch to peppermint or red rooibos. In the afternoon I have mostly peppermint, and at night I drink chamomile. Occasionally when I go out to brunch I will have a steaming mug of coffee, or order a short chai during the day at a cafe, but for the most part, I am a tea girl! Read about more tea benefits below:

1. Antioxidants

2. Calorie-free

3. Revs up your immune system

4. Less caffeine than coffee

5. Keeps you hydrated

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