Working-from-home Fridays

Fridays are my favorite days to work from home. I wake up, go for a run along the waterfront, come home to make my usual green tea with avocado and tomato toast, shower, and sit down at my desk to begin the workday. I get an early start to the day without having to worry about driving or doing my hair, and everything feels just a little bit more peaceful than at the office. I made sure to make my home office space clutter free, but with a personal touch. I have succulents that are impossible to kill, framed illustrations from Quentin Blake (found in Roald Dahl’s books), a set of babushka dolls that remind me of my Grandmother, and a hibiscus scented candle. I usually play NPR or listen to Norah Jones on Pandora for a bit of background music, and make a list of things that need to get done for work. I always have one or two Skype calls so there are no interruptions to worry about at home. For lunch I can make whatever sounds good and is inside my kitchen (unlike those frozen meals I take to work!), and at the end of the day I close my computer and Voila! the day is over and I am at home :)

Enjoy your Friday everyone xo


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